Event Highlights - Grand Coverage of 2022 Spocom Super Show Anaheim @spocom #spocom


The Spocom Super Show is Back! Just Like Those Glorious Days!!

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai
★ Wheels and Heels Magazine / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com

The great Covid pandemic cloud has been hovering over the whole car show scenes for almost two full years. Finally, it has gradually eased up and let the sunshine in. By golly, Spocom Super Show Anaheim showed it and has reversed the tide of car shows back to their prime time level!


Spocom Super Show Anaheim is by far the best show this year that we have visited. Inside its traditional Anaheim Convention Center venue, we witnessed wall-to-wall shiny cars and well-stocked vendors. Models were prepping their table space for their merchandise and their standup banners. Loud music was playing across the convention hall. People were working on their cars and fine-tuning their gears. The air was supercharged. The super show is not only back, but it's also bigger, better, and even more exciting!


This year's format is also slightly different than the past. The Spocom Super Show Anaheim still has the top-notch show demo cars and competition cars, various leading car clubs and teams, big space for the model lounge, and dotting locations of vendors, plus the big stage that has gotten rid of the bewildering coloring spotlights. However, this year, there was no dance competition, and instead, they had a swimsuit runway catwalk. Also, the sheer amount of cars is just staggering, as the walking space felt tighter and cozy. 


One of our peers described the mega-ness of the super show as like walking through a maze. (We'd compared it to the neighboring Disneyland.) He said that there were so many cars that even he lost track of which cars he has seen or not. Every turn there were seemingly familiar cars that showed up but they all blurred into the attacked memory from sensory excitements.


The Spocom Super Show Anaheim is a solid super show to the fullest! 




One of the most famous "features" of Spocom shows is their model lounge. Spocom model lounge is like the Hollywood gathering of import models. It's the place where if you made it, you "made it". It's the place to be seen by people, photographers, peers, model managements, press, vendors, and the giga-social-network. It's always a super sought-after presence for many models. 


This year's model lounge is more relaxed. Models constantly came in and out of the model lounge and went to different spots for photographers and people to take photos of them. It's not like the old days when they were very much confined by the table fortress. Now it's more free-style and gave both models and photo-takers, as well as car owners, a lot better options of backgrounds and cars. We love it!


There are always new models that we have not met before at the Spocom Super Show. It's more important that the familiar faces that we know were showing up left and right. This is like a time capsule compressed to the duration of the show. It's totally awesome! We saw our cover models, feature models, long time covered model legends. It's like a mini-reunion of familiar and friendly faces.


Of course, the new models were awesome to meet. They were a little bit shy so it took a few rounds of coming back to build up rapports. At the end of the coverage, they all seemed to be happily mingling with people and socializing with photographers. 


The Spocom model lounge was a total success! 



We did say that the show was covered wall-to-wall by cars, right? It's just insanely many cars that filled the convention hall. We heard a number from the little bird that is close to 400, but it's not an official count, so we cannot confirm that. It's just a lot of cars! 


Sheer large quantity does not discount the high quality at the Spocom Super Show. Many cars showed their prowess by their open hoods, their flashing LEDs, their super plush interior decorations and modifications, their replaced roll-cage in the back, and their mega-bass audio and video systems. There were no ends to what these car lovers would do to show their ingenuity. 


It took us a long time to just walk through one aisle of cars from one end of the convention center to the other end. Now imagine there were multiple aisles of such vastness of cars and their customization, and reading their specs. At one point we thought about the Spocom Super Show could be at least a 24-hour marathon to really capture its essence of awesomeness. 


This year, Toyo Tires, a leading proponent of auto and motorsports cultivator, brought in some super impressive cars. Not just the highly decorated racing cars, or highly articulated JDM vintage, there were many Toyo-hosted cars that people marveled at their fine craftwork on these cars. They are a great inspiration for real car restoration, maintenance, and customization artisanship. 



The model lounge was not the only that one would find models. Many vendors brought their models to the show as well. In the last few years, we felt that the promotional modeling and import modeling were declining. When we went to a car show up to recently, we could only find a handful of models at the shows. We came in with low expectations as well for this show.


We were super-surprised by the abundant presence of vendor models. They were spread out across the convention hall. They were at their booths greeting people, and they also roamed around the floor with their vendor staff across many spots to gather photo opportunities and good old networking. One could encounter one just by turning their head or making a left turn.


One thing we are excited about was that our cover model Bethany Gragg was the official Team Hybrid model. That's a big deal because Team Hybrid is an important staple of the Spocom show, Being the Team Hybrid girl is a big deal for models. We are very glad that Bethany achieved that status, cementing her status in the modeling industry. This year, she's our cover model, now Team Hybrid's official model. Bethany is on a very good roll! 



The first stage show was the swimsuit catwalk. This is the concept by the designer Sira Kong. During the swimsuit catwalk, the energy level is high, as each of the models flexed their curves or their pecks. Indeed, it's a true swimsuit catwalk, with both female and male models on the stage. This is totally awesome!


The swimsuits showed many wonderful designs with lots of hotness. Definitely, both the temperature and the crowd's heart rates were raised immediately. The show performances by the models were excellent that kept the engagement throughout the show. We applaud their great presentation and cool designs! 


Miss Spocom Anaheim is not to be missed by any excuses. This swimsuit competition is famous and the title is highly decorated. Many top models from the import modeling world were on the stage competing for the grand crowning title. The stakes were high and the crowd fever was high. 


The routine for each competitor was to wear a T-shirt when entering the stage. Then they perform a tease of taking off the T-shirt, revealing their toned physiques. With their T-shirts in hand, they would throw the shirt to the crowd and whip out a grabbing frenzy.


This year, we got the luck that never happened in our 15 years of show coverage of the Spocom show. We got thrown at TWICE! The shirts just came out of two models' hands and respectively landed directly on our head. We still had our job to do, so we did not actively grab the model-worn T-shirts. The guys behind us were quick hands and took them away from us, clearing our camera's view, as well as our head. 


Throughout the procession, 25 models did the routine on stage and did a personal one-question interview with the hostess. Most questions were language related to the models' ancestry. The exotic languages mixed super loud music made these moments fun.


One thing in this year's Miss Spocom Anahim competition was the hotness of the wardrobe. The bikini bottoms were like a mail catalog that had all shapes and sizes. Definitely, the heat index was off the roof, to say the least!


All hot things have to come to fruition. The final winners of Miss Spocom Anaheim 2022 were,

  • Paola G: Miss Spocom Anaheim 2022, our feature model too! 

  • Lilly Evans: First runner up, our cover model too!

  • Tamiko Lee: Second runner up


After hours of walking and working, we concluded the day with pure satisfaction. This year's Spocom Super Show was such a great show that rekindled our faith in the car show industry. It is such a super good show.


Did we say too many "super" in this coverage? We love to say more! It's because of how solid the show ran, how wonderful the show was presented, how so many models showed up including vendor models, how the stage performances were super mesmerizing, and the show overall was just "super"!


We talked to vendors, peers, and models. The consensus was this is a great show and very exciting to attend. 


The Spocom Super Show has further strengthened their so-Cal top-tier car show status. 

We also want to thank the Spocom Team for such an amazing show and great execution and were so accommodating from the media relationship to entering the show floor to the show management. Our hats off to the great work that the Spocom Team has done.Thank you!


We cannot wait for the next show already!!

Show Cars and Competing Cars (many more) 


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