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Jan 17, 2015

Very Cool, Smart, and Simply Awesome Bicycle Wheels from Flykly (CES 2015)

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by Py Pai
We went to the Sands Expo where is actually where a lot of truly ground breaking ideas that are being shown and selling and sold.  This is where a ton of start ups and kick starters that come face to face with potential investors, media press, as well as distribution channels for their inventions to become reality, and hopefully generated a few more billionaires along the way.

One of the very cool company has a product called Flykly.  We are not sure how the origin of the name comes from, but their concept is genius  Basically they have this great concept of augmenting bicycle wheels with an electrical motor and rechargeable battery.  It goes without saying that the motorized wheel turns any bicycle into an electrical bicycle.  However, the best part and most genius part is that the battery can be recharged by braking as well as by paddling backwards when on downhills.  Now this one of the cleanest, innovative, and best use of wasted energy ways in transportation applications.

Jan 14, 2015

Panasonic Gogoro Electrical Scooter Shines at CES 2015

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by Py Pai 
As population concentration seems to be focusing on the urban areas these days, many cities spruced up as the fastest growing segment of the housing market and population growth.  Urban living usually comes with the dilemma of owning a car or two and finding parking spaces.  As home go vertically, the parking space is usually a luxury than rights.  Innovations must come in and transportation lifestyle has to give somehow.

We are a firm believer of clean (or cleaner at least) energy consumption and small footprint.  Here comes a neat solution provided by Panasonic scooter, Gogoro.  We don't quite the name and branding, but we are totally excited about the design and philosophy behind it.

Jan 11, 2015

Newest Coverage of 2015 CES Car Related Technology Trends (Photos by Clinton Lum @calibre68)

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Py Pai
CES is a very important show to the cars that you and I drive everyday.  It is also equally important to the car enthusiasts who like to add something to make their cars different the stocks.  It is also important, if not most important, to the thousands of car manufacturers, affiliated part / component designers,  as well as aftermarket companies, who all need to follow the latest trends, moving standards, market directions, and competitive landscape.

2015 CES has generated many buzzes on multiple fronts on the auto areas, mainly in,

Jan 6, 2015

High Octane 2015 Monster Energy AMA SuperCross Anaheim 1 Season Opener

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai

This is the first time the magazine official cover the Monster Energy AMA Supercross event on the track side.  The whole event was organized excellently and the fans were totally given the full breath of fun and excitements of this extreme sport.  It was a great sport, great fun, and great time spent, and a great job done!

Here are the breakdowns of the Supercross Anaheim 1, the season opener event.