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Mar 29, 2015

2015 Formula Drift Tech Day Irvine - Daigo's New R35 GT-R Drifting Car Debut With Finishing Touch

Daigo Saito's new R35 GT-R Being
Worked on at the Formula Drift
Tech Day in Irvine, CA

Daigo's New R35 GT-R Being Put on Finishing Touch Right in Front of The Car Show Audience

Update: we are happy to include a great article about Daigo Saito from Drifted.  Definitely check out this in-depth report of the champion Daigo and his cool ride here: 

Irvine, CA / by Py Pai
Gone is the Toyota/Lexus hybrid drifting car that Daigo Saito has been driven to his championship and many competitions.  2015 is the new year for the highly famed pro drifting driver to try out a new R35 GT-R car that will be his main drive in the 2015 season.

We cannot tell you how it will perform, but things are looking beefier, lighter, and generally very promising right now.  But you know, it will only come to the time when rubber burns the road in this case, that we can tell if the true test will reward Daigo's bold choice to another championship.

Here are some photos captured from the Formula Drift Tech Day when the apply the sponsor wraps on this new awesome drifting machine.

Mar 14, 2015

IMS 2014 LB Euopean Muscle Houses of Motorcycle, Ducati, Triumph and BMW

The European beauties and beasts at the IMS 2014 Long Beach!!

Long Beach, CA / by W&HM Staff
European motorcycles always have a different design philosophies than the rest of the world's, which is true vise versa as well.

Here at the 2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show, we got a glimpse of the latest and greatest motorcycles that were debuted there. The major motorcycle manfuacturors did not spare the bells and whistles to show their newest inventions and marketing prowess. We see Ducati, Triumph, and BMW coming from three corners of the European zone, showing off their their best works.  Here are the visual tour of the coolest motorcycles at the show to demonstrate the ingenuity of these great manufacturers!

Mar 12, 2015

DUB LA 2015 Amazing Cars Highlight #DUB

Amazing Bodies of Car Works, Inside and Out at DUB LA 2015

DUB LA show brought the classic, lowrider, tuner, luxury and performance cars all under one gigantic roof

 Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
DUB show is known for their wide range of styles of cars that demonstrate both the visual impact booms and upgrade detail trebles.  Across the sea of cars and vendors at the 2015 DUB LA show, it's easy to spot amazing cars and stop to appreciate the details and works done to them.  In no time, you suddenly realized that the show is half way gone, after just a few cars...

These amazing cars not only show the sweat and money the owners put into their beloved possessions, they also represent the lifestyle of this slice of the community as well as loudness and the brashness of their prides. Here is a quick peek into some of the cars that caught our fancy and brought you here for your appreciation. We will have more in future coverage.  Definitely stay tuned!

Mar 5, 2015

Accessorize your car at CES 2015, Android or Apple?

Car Console War Continues in Parallel Universes

Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
At the 2015 CES, automobile accessories companies carried on the traditioal battle of the eelctronic console war, but also delivered the brotherly solutions, by having systems made for the two major systems, Android Auto and Apple Car Play.  Not all the vendors embraced this dual offering apporach, but then again, we don't expect the two will become the battle of VHS and Betamax, as both companies are literally the giants of the connected industry.

As we surveyed the majjor manufacturers with their own proprietary systems seem to slowly give way to these two ultra-consumer-friendly mainstreams.  The incredlbly big app markets and smaret phone integration just does not make sens to have a foriegn second system in the way, even though it's coming from the car's mothership...

We continue to motinor this war as it progresses.  If the history is a reference point, then it's a toss up... The left side driving vs right side driving is a proof, as well as stick vs automatic, and gas door on the right or on the left... Who know s what will happen...