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Dec 27, 2015

SEMA 2015 JDM Show Cars

Las Vegas, NV / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com

At the SEMA 2015 show, Japanese modified cars were a genre by themselves.  Among the big brothers of American domestic and European luxury performance, Japanese shone at the highly articulated modifications and exotic appearances.

You would find most of these show cars in the car manufacturers as well as wheels companies and various aftermarket parts companies as well.

Dec 21, 2015

#SEMA 2015 Extreme Performance Cars That Drew Huge Interests From Attendees

Las Vegas, NV / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

One of the key show car attractions at the SEMA show is the extreme performance cars that people don't see everyday or even once in their life.

Some of the cars that are so customized and made that simply is the once in a life time chance to see them in person.

The highly articulated GTR from the Savini Wheels was brought in from Japan and had only a very limited appearance on the west coast.  '

We believe that these are 3D printed wrap that fit to the car piece by piece.  It's such a work of art that it is hard not to say wow and have your fingers reach out and feel it.  Overall, it's a very good year for the extreme performance cars for this year's SEMA show.

#SEMA 2015 Hot Rods Show Cars - Very Popular Show Attractions

Las Vegas, NV / www.wheelsandheelsmagcom / W&HM Staff

Hot rod and classics is as prevalent as Americana culture in across the states.  Different regions have different takes on their approaches to the ultimate car status.

At the SEMA 2015 show, there were plenty of hot rod cars that were at display. Checking out these cars would bring memories of classic South-based themes in The Dukes of Hazzard, or 70's Easy Rider era.

These could be simply the coolest hot rods that you would find intriguing and want to find out how they did it, and the fine craftsmanship and love given to these pristine works of art.

#SEMA 2015 KIA Debuting Blue KIA Optima Convertible 2016

Las Vegas, NV / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com
KIA has brought in their cool new cars to the SEMA show 2015.  The car that caught everybody's attention was the first time debut car, KIA Optima Convertible.  The beautifully tinted blue exterior paint color accented by the creamy white interior, bought the dreamy atmosphere immediately to the persons in the car.

Across the KIA booth, the theme was the well-traveled cars with a map to show the characteristic of each places that they visited.  The KIA has done a great job at the SEMA show 2015, and hit big with the crowd!

Dec 8, 2015

#Nurotag Car Show Los Angeles 2015 at Eibach Springs Headquarter in Corona by Clinton Lum @calibre68

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff ** Note: if your car is in this coverage, please email us at info@wheelsandheelsmag.com so that we can provide proper credit(s) to you.

Nurotag car show Los Angeles was a quiet storm that was gathering at the Eibach Headquarter in Corona. Nurotag LA has been a car owners' gathering place for sharing and relaxation.  On the same day with several other car shows, Nurotag was a local success and attracted dozens of car owners and fans to the famous Eibach parking lot.  From the line up of the cars, it showed a great potential for a bigger car show and more involvements to the future shows!

Our sage contributing Photographer, Clinton Lum, has brought us the wide coverage of some of the coolest cars and mods for all here.  He actually went from on show in the northern part of Los Angeles to the far out Corona in San Bernardino county.  We salute our hard working and car loving sage photographer!

Dec 6, 2015

#Autocon Winter Toy Drive 2015 A Highly Successful Car Show / Meet

Autocon Winter Drive Hit if Out of The Ballpark Again in 2015!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff
When it comes to car show event organization, Autocon has a strong reputation of having massive resources of outlandish cars, and big leverage with key vendors, as well as salivating attendance turn out.  It's simply because of their high standards and deep dedication of making an car show event the best!

At the Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, where the legendary horse race tracks are, and Seabiscuit won his title, its parking lot is full of show cars that are SEMA-blue-ribboned, and extremely rare cars that you won't see in any streets that you've been to.  There were majestic Mercedez Benz AMG cars as well as rows and rows of Lamborghini, plus the once-in-a-blue-moon appearance of a Pagani.  Together with other greatly and beautifully modified cars at the huge parking lot, Autocon Winter Drive event turned out to be a huge car show success.

At the event, there was also a force-be-with-everybody appearance of the highly acclaimed Star Wars costumed personnel, who was orchestrated by the award winning movie team.  They definitely brought a lot of fanfare to the show and added much fun.

And our cover models, Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers were also at the show working hard and hot!  Their Christmas themed flannel shirt is perfect for their Nitty app booth.  Nitto Tire also brought in great fresh blood to their big booth at the show and showed some golden hair holiday spirit.

Overall, this is a huge car show in a car meet charity event size.  From the top car showing to the great support from the vendors, and most importantly huge turned out and big donations, all made this Autocon Winter Drive event a break out and highly successful event of the year!  Great job to the Autocon Team and all the participants!

Dec 4, 2015

#SEMA 2015 Show Trucks With Articulated Paints and Wraps

Las Vegas, NV / wheelsandheelsmag.com / Py Pai
There were no shortage of show trucks in the big SEMA show 2015.  However, a new trend emerged from the past focus on the parts upgrades and replacements.  Here there were a lot more articulated exterior paint arts that were done on the body as well as a symbol of off road / lifestyle trucking community support.

We saw a lot of car wraps that are simply a work of art, as well as the paint jobs that are strong projections of lifestyles either in a direct way or a poetic depiction.  Here a few samples from the show.  There will be more show car coverage on the way as well!

#SEMA 2015 Urban Trucks and SUVs Scream Loud and Powerful

Las vegas, NV / W&HM
There were a lot of show heavy duty SUVs and trucks that are meant to show their prowess and unique purposes than the every day use.  Of course there are accessories that are not practical to work commute or adventures.  However their showmanship is totally in their appearance.  Meanwhile, there are more business-meaning installations here.  The extra strengths of the armored guard from USSV is impressive and obvious for the purpose of its build.  The strengths of the protection and security provided by the products is evident in their presence.  

Dec 2, 2015

Clinton Lum Brought Us The Mitsufest & Redline Time Attack Racing Shots @calibre68

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum has brought us the cool shots of the Mitsufest / Redline Time Attack racing shots on the vast Autoclub Speedway, Fontana, CA.  As the natural of the racing, Redline Time Attack in conjunction with Mitsufest, provided a great venue for car racing enthusiasts to have a safe and defined tracks to test out their skills and push their cars' limits.

At the course, you would see a lot more diverse selections of cars on the track.  They are mostly from the JDM domain for sure, but also the European performance were popular there.

The soft sun and gentle breezes made the racing a fun activity together with the Mitsufest car show.  You can also find the Mitsufest show coverage here.

** Note: if your car is in this coverage, please email us at info@wheelsandheelsmag.com so that we can provide proper credit(s) to you.

Dec 1, 2015

Cool Nissfest Race Track Car Shots by Clinton Lum @calibre68

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Photos by Clinton Lum, Lumdigital

Our sage contributor Clinton Lum withstood the relentless Santa Ana wind and long track walks and brought back some cool shots of the racing cars at the Nissfest 2015, Fontana, CA.  Nissfest is the first year in the making, and is conjoined with Redline Time Attack on their venues.

At the track you can see all types of fast cars whizzing by, including many GT-R (of course), Lamborghini, S2K, Lotus, BMW, and more.  It's definitely a fun day at the tack, together with the Nissfest expo show.  Here are some captures that Clinton has brought back for us...

#SEMA 2015 Off Road Truck Highlights @SEMAShow

Off Road Trucking is Taking Off, So in SEMA 2015 as Well

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

Off road trucking has been a big hit in the US car market.  Many of the car makers are trying to capture this uptick trend with varying offerings.  At the same time, aftermarket accessories and customization manufacturers are eager to provide their products to fulfill this strong demand.

At SEMA 2015, many of the off road aftermarket product companies sent in their highly customized cars to show off their various add-ons or upgrades for specific needs and wants of the market.  

King Shocks is long known for their sturdy and powerful shock offerings to off road trucks and buggies.  The vehicles that they brought in demonstrated how various configurations and applications of their shocks in them.  

There were also urban trucks and SUVs that are accessorized by the leading brands of the off road customization companies.  From LED light bars, to fog and flood lights, to the front bumpers integrated with the XHD systems.  It provided a great chance fro the SEMA attendees a great chance to see what are new in the market and talk to the product specialists about their needs.

Here are some cool trucks and buggies to check out from the SEMA 2015 show: